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The Smartop Cylinder


    • Arcal 5 'Smartop' Cylinder
      Handwheel valves are old technology, which cost you money. Air Liquide has raised the standard of what you can expect from your valve with Smartop. It is the new standard.
    • As an alternative to Altop, Smartop as a residual pressure valve equipped with our ON/OFF leverand with a permanent contents gauge, which allows you to check the content of the cylinder anytime, at a glance.
    • Connect your regulator to Smartop, switch the level ON, set the appropriate output pressure or flow on your regulator and your gas system is ready to use.
    • One TOP, two caps available.

Smartop Gives You:


Time Savings

  • Easy handling of the cylinders
  • Open or close the valve in a single action with the ON/OFF lever.
  • Easier stock management thanks to the contents gauge

Gas Savings

  • No wastage: The ON/OFF lever avoids leaks due to badly closed valves
  • Quick checking of the ON/OFF position: no more cylinders left open during breaks, leaking gas from your welding hose.


  • The ON/OFF lever allows a fast cut of the gas and the clear visualisation of the opened/closed positions.
  • The shock absorbing cap permanently protects the valve.
  • The built-in flow moderator offers and additional level of protection in the event of involuntary opening of the cylinder