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The Altop Cylinder


With over 1 million Altop cylinders worldwide, Altop is used by more welders around the world than any other, to improve productivity and enhance safety.


  • ALTOP valve guard. A shock-resistant 'top' that offers permanent protection of the pressure regulator-valve.
  • Quick action on/off lever.Designed so in the event of a knock or bump the lever automatically reverts to the off position. This turns off the gas supply instantly at the regulator outlet.

Ease of Use

  • Quick action on/off lever. Enables easy opening of the cylinder and a rapid shut down when not in use. The position of the lever shows you clearly if the valve is on or off.
  • Quick connector hose coupling. Designed with the welding person in mind, it allows for attachment even with welding gloves on.

Cost Efficiency

  • No more regulators to buy. With ALTOP you no longer need to buy, maintain or replace broken or stolen regulators and flowmeters. Ongoing maintenance costs are eliminated.
  • No more leaking regulators. ALTOP eliminates poorly maintained regulators that leak and cause over consumption and wastage of your gas.
  • Regulator changeovers - a thing of the past. With no regulators to mount or dismount, cylinder change over and connection time is reduced dramatically.