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Nitrogen Dry 'Standard' Cylinder

High purity Nitrogen to suit your application needs.

Available in 1.4 m3, 3.4 m3 or 6.9 m3.

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Nitrogen applications


Nitrogen is used to protect flammable raw materials from any contact with Oxygen. By substantially reducing the risks of fire or explosion, the use of Nitrogen makes the handling of these materials much safer.

In the food industry, Nitrogen is used as a protective atmosphere, preventing from any contact between foodstuffs (chips, nuts, etc.) and Oxygen, since the latter could make them unfit for consumption.

Liquid Nitrogen (-196°C) is used to freeze food that can be cooled dramatically, a process that durably preserves their taste and texture.

The environment

Inflating tires with Nitrogen rather than air maintains tire pressure for a longer period of time. This in turn reduces the risks associated with under-inflated tires and lowers fuel consumption.

Worn down tires can be embrittled upon contact with liquid Nitrogen. Once they have been “cryocrushed”, they are recycled instead of being burned.

Liquid Nitrogen is also used to reduce the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which spark off ozone pollution peaks. These substances are industrially used as solvents or scavengers. After being cooled, these gases can be liquefied and trapped, and then recycled, which enables to avoid their release into air.


In medicine and research, liquid Nitrogen (-196°C) is used to freeze and preserve blood, sperm, embryos, bone marrow cells and other live tissue samples, over periods that are theoretically unlimited.

Liquid Nitrogen is also used in dermatology, where it is one of the most effective ways to burn warts and small benign skin tumors that are nonetheless contagious.